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welded HDG steel grate

Detailed Product Description

1>Bearing bar pitch:30,40,60mm 
2>Cross bar pitch;50,100mm 
4>Hot-dipped galvanized,Painted,Untrea 


Product description
1) material:carbon steel or stainless steel
2) cross bar pitches:maybe 24-200mm,of which 50mm,76mm and 100mm are recommended.
3) Steel grating is made by the world first-class equipment,which can arrange the bearing bar and cross bar in longitude and latitude order to certain distance.cross bar is pressed into the bearing bar by high tension resistance weldingring which is controlled by we can produce high quality gratings with firm welding,smooth surface and high strength.
4) Surface process of gratings: there are three types:hot-dipped galvanized ,electro-galvanized and spraying brushing and soaking.anti-acid and alkali corrosion capacity the range PH6 to PH12.5,a stable protective film will be formed on the zinc has good anti-corrosive property.
5) Packing conditions of steel grating:normally packed in pilling up ways with two pieces of square wood on both upperand bottom sides.there are four or six pieces of M10 long bolt penetrading the gratings and screwing is suitable for loading and unloading by fork-lift and crane.

 bearing bars pitch can be set to 12.5,15,20 or n*30mm(n=1~5),cross bars pitch can be set to 50 or n*100mm,(n=1~5),we also can manufacture special pitch according to clients
 carbon steel,aluminum,stainless steel
 anti-crossive property
 anti-acid and alkali corrsion capacity:in the range of PH6 to PH12.5,a stable protective film will be formed on the zinc surface,with good anticorrosive property.
     Load Bearing Flat Bar size
Thickness≥3mm, depth ≥19mm
19X3,19X5,20X3, 20X5, 25X3, 25X4, 25X4.5, 25X4.7, 25X5…..40X6, 40X8, 40X10,….90X6….
Pitch of Load bearding flat bars(mm)
12.5,15, 20, 30, 30.6,  32.5, 34,  34.8,  35.3, 40, 60, 80……
Pitch of cross bars(mm)
38.1, 50, 50.8, 70, 75, 80, 100, 101.6, 102……