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steel hand rail

Detailed Product Description

Metal stair railings 
hot-dipped galvanization zinc 
novel, beautiful, convenient to install, sturdy, 
durable, maintenance-f 


Ball-connection handrail
Rijin handrail adopts ball-connection and surface treatment of hot-dipped galvanization zinc. It has the characteristics of being novel, beautiful, convenient to install, sturdy, durable, and maintenance-free, extensively suitable for mines, electric power, petrochemical industry, machinery, light industry, shipbuilding, railway, road, bridge, quay, school, water works, sewage treatment plant, garden path, platform, stairs and separating fence, etc. The products accord with the international standard: British BS 6399 and BS 6180, Australia 1650-985, etc, and China's standard 4053-83. Matt stainless steel surface is in line with environmental requirements. 
Type Indication
I. Surface Treatment G: G means hot-dip galvanizing, other surface treatment is not marked.
II. Plate: Needs plate, marks "A"; no plate, not marked.
III. Quantity of horizontal horizontal pole; 2. two horizontal poles; 3.three horizontal poles.
IV. Form of the post (pillar) :see the form picture for post (pillar).
V. Quantity of the post (pillar): 1. one post; 2. two posts(pillar)
VI. Specification: S means standard type; E means economical type. Please see Railing Specification Tablebelow. 
VII. Materials: C = carbon steel; S=stainless steel
VIII. Oter Ball-connected Handrail 
Railing Specification Table

Out Diameter of Ball
Out diameter of pillar
Out diameter of handrail
Out diameter of cross bar
Standard Type (S)
Economical Type (E)

1. In above table, the data before brackets are sizes of carbon steel; while the data of stainless steel is in the brackets,
2. Height of the Rail:Single as per the design, double:1017mm, triplicate:1200mm;
3. Interval of the main pillar:1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm;
4. Size of the Steel Pipe: Subjected to the confirmed drawing by both parties.
Rail Types
1. Types of Vertical Railing include P, C, W, S, SC, SO, MB (Multi ball).
2. Types of Inclined Railing include PA, CA, WA, SAL, SAR, AM, SOAL, SOAR.


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