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Glossary about of steel grating



Load Bar (Bearing Bar)
A longitudinal load-carrying member of uniform section spanning between supports, which can be plain, serrated, or I section type. 
Cross Bar (Transverse Bar)
The connecting bars, made from twisted square bar or round bar, which extend across the bearing bars, usually perpendicular to them. 
Banding BarA flat bar welded to the end of a grating panel, or along the line of a cutout, and extending neither above nor below the bearing bar. 
The dimension of a grating panel measured parallel to the bearing bars. 
The overall dimension of a grating panel, measured perpendicular to the bearing bars. 
Pitch includes the pitch of bearing bar, and the pitch of cross bar. The pitch of bearing bar also called bearing bar center, it means the distance center-to-center of the bearing bars. The pitch of cross bar also called cross bar center, it means the distance center-to-center of the cross bars. 
Open End
It means the steel grating panel is not banded.
Toe Plate (Kick Plate)
A flat bar attached against the outer edge of a grating or rear edge of a tread, and projecting above the top surface of grating or tread to form a lip or curb.
Span of Grating
The distance between points of grating support, or the direction of this dimension.
The bar has a cross sectional shape resembling the letter “I”.
Serrated Grating
Grating which has the top surfaces of the bearing bars or cross bars notched. 
Steel Grade
Refers to steel –for example ASTM A6 
End Plate
A plate welded to a stair tread for fixing to a stringer. 
A special L-section member serving as the front or leading edge of a stair tread, or of grating at the head of a stair. The type of nosing can be checked plate nosing, vertical striped plate nosing, and perforated plate nosing. 
Seal Weld
Welding each bar on sides, top and bottom. Welded completely. 
The coating, usually paint or hot dip galvanizing which is applied to the grating. 
(Mark Number) Used to identify each unique piece.