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Day comments: volume continues to narrow steel market more wait-and-see attitude

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 Hot rolling: 20 hot rolling coil price shock in major cities in China is strong, as of press time 3.0 hot rolling coil national average price of 3882 yuan/ton, 3 yuan/ton higher than last trading day, 4.75 hot rolling coil national average price of 3828 yuan/ton, 4 yuan/ton higher than last trading day.Today's black commodity futures market shock up, but the spot price rise is not followed by a limited force, mainly the recent transaction is general, high transaction weakness, low transaction can, coupled with the market merchants currently weak mentality, on the future is still not optimistic, so it is mainly to deal.This net data released today, steel production week dropped 23900 tons, 31700 tons of steel inventories, social inventory increase of 43400 tons, on the whole inventory build-up is stronger than steel production decline, the late pressure is still large, the overall market short-term influenced by macro news and peripheral market, hot-rolled prices or sideways shock, but the fundamentals late without significant improvement is still weak.


Cold rolling: today, the spot price of cold rolling sheet rolls is up and down in a mixed situation, the national average price is 4,207 yuan/ton, down 7 yuan/ton on the previous trading day, among which the prices of Shanghai, lecong and tianjin are 4110 yuan/ton, 4180 yuan/ton and 4000 yuan/ton respectively.According to the market feedback, today's market mixed, the overall turnover can.From the regional perspective, the price of northwest market fell by 50 yuan/ton, kunming by 30 yuan/ton, and chengdu by 20 yuan/ton.Market mentality, yesterday's market by news futures continue to rise in the impact of factors, the raw material end hot rolling small rebound, but cold rolling still maintain a depressed situation, however, the downstream to buy up not to buy high mood, deal volume.Today traders feedback, the market is almost calm, transaction is obviously not as good as yesterday, on the one hand, some merchants are still cold rolling price is expected to rebound, holding wait-and-see attitude, on the other hand, terminal yesterday after replenishment, today's purchase enthusiasm sharply reduced.Cold rolling from today's national statistics inventory situation, data and last week basically unchanged.Overall, it is expected that tomorrow's average price is still narrow range back mainly.


Medium and thick board: the price of medium and thick board in China was mixed today. The average price of 20mm general board in China was 3,940 yuan/ton, up 1 yuan/ton over the previous trading day. Among them, nanjing, wuhan, zhengzhou, tianjin, wuan and other markets were up 10-30 yuan/ton, while Shanghai, shijiazhuang and urumqi were down 10-30 yuan/ton.Today's futures all shock upward, the market mentality has improved, transaction atmosphere is better.However, due to the pessimistic expectations of the future, traders are still operating mainly in the shipment, the price of driving force is slightly insufficient, most of the regional price stability, in the short term, the risk of off-season is still there.The output link of steel mills is still at a high level, and the pressure at the supply end is relatively large, which is subject to the narrowing of profit margin of steel mills. Some steel mills have transferred molten iron to high value-added products.To sum up, it is expected that in the short term the national plate prices or maintain consolidation operation.


Coating: domestic parts of the city galvanized sheet volume price rise, some areas have volume.Zinc-plated sheet roll 1.0mm national average price 4687 yuan/ton, daily average price increased 1 yuan/ton, color coated sheet roll 0.476mm national average price 5655 yuan/ton, daily average price decreased 8 yuan/ton.Although the two days of market transactions in northeast China are good, the market confidence has a certain boost effect, the enthusiasm of the downstream to buy goods is also relatively high, and the number of inquiry today is also significantly increased, but the follow-up demand is still insufficient, do not have sustainability, merchants on the outlook is still pessimistic.In the hot rainy season, the rainfall is relatively sufficient. On the one hand, the transportation is affected, and the delivery cycle of merchants will be extended.On the other hand, abundant rain has reduced the utilization rate downstream, which has suppressed the demand to some extent.In the short term, hot coil material weakness, partial pessimistic market mentality, long-term demand is not sustainable, coated plate coil may continue to run weak.


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Data source: steel link data




Data source: steel link data


Section steel: 20 domestic section steel market price consolidation to strong operation.Tangshan market by early trading billet rise to boost, part of the rise of 20 yuan/ton.After rising high - priced transaction weakness, market confidence is insufficient.Affected by the period of snail, afternoon market trading atmosphere warmer, a few manufacturers can deal.On the current situation, most of the rolling mill production supply reduction, demand has no obvious increment.East China profile prices rose slightly, futures strong operation and billet continue to test a small rise, the overall market mentality was boosted, the afternoon deal also a small warming.Overall, however, the market remains cautious and gains are relatively limited.South China profile price slightly increased 20 yuan/ton, but today's shipment is still not too ideal, merchants think the price increase is limited, the follow-up power is insufficient.Comprehensive forecast, tomorrow domestic steel market mainstream prices or steady operation.


Steel pipe: today, the national price of pipe rose and fell mutually, welded pipe, galvanized pipe part of the city rose slightly, seamless pipe part of the city fell slightly, transaction is poor.Welded pipe, galvanized pipe, tangshan strip today mainstream prices stable, price 3740 yuan/ton, up slightly, at the bottom of the part of the tube factory raised ex-factory price, at about 20 yuan/ton, welded pipe mainstream manufacturers 4 inch price 4030 yuan/ton, market only tangshan, tianjin, handan welded pipe producing rose slightly, other area is given priority to with stability, it is reported, poor occurrence peak overall market clinch a deal this month, so some agents to complete the agreement quantity began to low price promotion, lead to the market price is difficult to follow up, comprehensive consideration, welded pipe, galvanized pipe in the short term market upside.Seamless tube, shandong today, the blank, tube factory price stability, mainstream seamless tube manufacturers 108 specifications quoted 4210 yuan/ton, the overall transaction is not good, the market is part of the region down slightly, merchants replenishcautious.According to traders feedback, the recent seamless tube overall situation worrying, supply and demand contradictions increasingly intensified, most manufacturers have faced losses, and at the present stage of manufacturers spontaneous production is also difficult to change the market situation, comprehensive consideration, in the short-term market or continue to weak adjustment.


Strip steel: today the national strip steel market price shock strong operation.Tangshan small narrow band after individual rise fall back, mainstream manufacturers reported 3780-3800 yuan/ton, the overall market transaction in general, individual clearing, afternoon deal volume, many clearing, low price back up 20 yuan/ton.Tangshan 355 strip steel is more stable than yesterday, part of the low small high, spot mainstream 3740 yuan/ton, ruifeng 3750 yuan/ton, market futures lower than spot 20 yuan/ton, manufacturers more support price, clinching a deal in general.The mainstream quotation in wuxi market is 3,830-3,840 yuan/ton, with little change in market inventory and general market demand.The main stream of hot rolled strip steel in lecong market is holding steady. As of press time, the main stream of narrow band is 3,890-3,910 yuan/ton, while the main stream of middle band is 3,900-3,940 yuan/ton. The afternoon futures are rising, and the merchants' mentality is getting better




Data source: steel link data


Structural steel: today the national excellent steel market continues to run weak, now 45# national average price 3958 yuan/ton, down 4 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, 40cr national average price 4205 yuan/ton, down 6 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day.


Industrial wire: 20 national industrial wire prices are mixed, among which the national average price of cold upsetting, drawing and hard wire fell 4 yuan/ton, up 3 yuan/ton and up 3 yuan/ton, respectively, by the end of the closing, the national average price of cold upsetting 4110-4140 yuan/ton, the average price of drawing 3951 yuan/ton, the average price of hard wire 4093 yuan/ton.In terms of turnover, the total turnover was 26,000 tons, down 0.04 million tons or 1.49% compared with the previous trading day.In terms of inventory, the total amount of industrial wire materials is 505,500 tons, which is 18,300 tons more than the same caliber statistics last week, with an increase of 3.76%.Among them: cold heading 153,600 tons, compared with the statistics of the same caliber last week decreased by 0.200,000 tons, or 1.29%;329,000 tons of wire drawing, compared with the statistics of the same caliber last week, an increase of 21,200 tons or 7.03%.Hard line is 29,000 tons, 0.09 million tons less than the same caliber statistics last week, a decrease of 3.01%.Combined with the current market situation, it is expected that tomorrow's industrial wire prices continue to shock adjustment.