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Trump meets with liu he after high-level economic and trade consultations between China and the United States

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US President Donald trump meets liu he


Washington, April 4 (xinhuaOn April 4, local time, US President Donald trump met in the oval office of the White House with liu he, member of the political bureau of the communist party of China central committee, vice premier of the state council and Chinese leader of the china-us comprehensive economic dialogue, who is in Washington for the ninth round of china-us high-level economic and trade consultations.


Liu first conveyed President xi jinping's cordial greetings to President trump and a message to President trump.In his oral message, xi pointed out that over the past one month, the economic and trade teams of the two sides have conducted intensive consultations in various forms and made new substantive progress on the key issues of the text of the economic and trade agreement between the two countries.It is hoped that the economic and trade teams of the two sides will continue to address issues of concern to both sides in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit and conclude negotiations on the text of the china-us economic and trade agreement at an early date.Under the current circumstances, the sound and steady development of china-us relations bears on the interests of the two peoples and the people of all countries in the world.I am ready to stay in close contact with you in various ways. I believe that under the joint guidance of you and me, china-us relations will surely make new and greater progress.


Liu said that over the past two days, the two sides' economic and trade teams have held fruitful consultations and reached new consensus on important issues such as the text of the economic and trade agreement.Under the guidance of the consensus reached by the heads of state of the two countries, the two sides will continue to work hard and step up consultation, make more progress on issues of mutual concern, live up to the great responsibilities entrusted by the heads of state and the people of the two countries, complete the negotiation of bilateral economic and trade agreements at an early date and push for the healthy and stable development of bilateral economic and trade relations.


Trump thanked xi for the message and asked liu to convey his cordial greetings to xi.Trump said that the current us-china relations are developing well, strong and at a high level.I am glad to see that great progress has been made in our economic and trade consultations. I hope our economic and trade teams will make persistent efforts to resolve the remaining issues and reach a comprehensive and historic agreement at an early date.I look forward to meeting with President xi after the agreement is reached to witness this great moment together.I would also like to express my special thanks to President xi for his important decision on the whole range of fentanyl substances in China.


U.S. trade representative Robert lighthizer, Treasury secretary Steven mnuchin, agriculture secretary Tom perdue, commerce secretary Ross Ross, senior adviser to the President jared kushner and other U.S. officials attended the meeting.