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Li keqiang: to ban "land and steel" and to reduce excess capacity should be firmly promoted to prevent the resurgence of the dead

Release:2017-07-31   Edit:Admin   From:Rising steel grating

Xinhua Beijing on July 29 (reporter Liu Kaixiong) recently, in view of the fourth big field supervision supervision under the state council found that the individual places are still against illegal manufacture "DeTiaoGang" problem, political bureau of the CPC central committee and state council premier li keqiang made important instructions, stressed that supervision work is to be sustained catch on the key problem.We will press ahead with the ban on "land and steel" and eliminate excess capacity, and prevent the resurgence of the dead.We must resolutely punish those who commit crimes against the wind and punish them severely. They must be seriously held accountable for the lack of supervision.

"DeTiaoGang" production and sales exist serious pollution of the environment and quality safety hidden trouble, the CPC central committee and the state council time to fight "DeTiaoGang" illegal production, and demand for June 30 completely banned.However, during the fourth major inspection period, the first inspector of the state council raided in tianjin according to the information of the masses, and found that the two companies were still producing "ground steel" in violation of the regulations.12 inspection under the state council in hunan to have removed "DeTiaoGang" equipment on-site inspections, found 1 companies will 3 m "DeTiaoGang" production equipment moving back in place, trying to resume production.

After the inspection team informed the local government, tianjin and hunan province attached great importance and immediately rectification.Tianjin press "four thorough" request and then carry out special concentration control work;In hunan province, a three-level joint investigation of provinces, cities and counties has been launched to remove the cutting of "ground steel" production equipment and conduct comprehensive investigation in the whole province.At the same time, the two places launch the accountability mechanism, to the relevant district counties, departments and the enterprises that still produce "ground steel" in violation of the wind, according to the law to investigate and punish seriously.