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Steel cost support in the weakening steel price stability fell

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 asphalt, coking coal, ferrosilicon, PVC, silver and copper rose in Shanghai.


2. The Shanghai stock index closed at 3,263.12 points, up 0.29%, with a turnover of 354.5 billion yuan.


The shenzhen component index closed at 10344.43 points, up 0.55 percent, with a turnover of 475.6 billion yuan.


Chinext closed at 1717.44 points, up 1.17 percent, with a turnover of 134.2 billion yuan.


3. [unified management measures will be introduced for Internet small loans]


Regulation is brewing unified Internet small loan management method, regulatory ideas have some changes, will have a significant impact on the industry.A number of industry insiders revealed some regulatory signals, but is still in the discussion stage, the focus is as follows: 1, registered capital of 500 million yuan, leverage multiple 3-5 times.2. If the borrower is a natural person, the upper limit for a single investment is 200,000 yuan or 300,000 yuan, which has not been determined;If the borrower is an enterprise, the upper limit for a single investment is 1 million yuan.It has a great impact on the small Internet loans with large businesses such as real estate mortgage loans and supply chain finance.3. Offline lending is not allowed.4. Strive to be connected to the central bank's credit investigation system within two years.


Futures market turmoil




Data source: steelworks data




Data source: steelworks data


Black series of domestic commodity futures trading mixed today, in addition to iron ore by the impact of the news fell significantly, the rest of the varieties are running concussion, turnover of small outflows of funds.Rebar steel: today the spot market quotation fell slightly, the terminal purchase volume is generally weak, due to a pullback in the futures disk, the market wait-and-see sentiment is strong.China produced 80.33 million tons of crude steel in March, up 10% from a year earlier, the statistics bureau said.Technically, the RB1910 contract tested low and rallied, and the 1-hour MACD index showed a slight shortening of the green column.1 hour BOLL indicator shows the narrowing of the opening.Operation suggests that the short - term can be in the 3820-3740 range high buy low, stop loss 25 yuan/ton.Iron ore: import iron ore spot market quotation down, the day's turnover is relatively general.Traders shipment intention is thicker, but steel mill wait-and-see sentiment is thicker, more to tentative inquiry is given priority to, and inquiry price is lower, buyers and sellers are difficult to reach a deal, only part of the steel mill according to need for replenishment.Iron ore futures fell sharply on news that VALE officials said the court had allowed the Brucutu mine to reopen.Technically, the contract of 1909 increased position downward, 1 hour MACD index shows green column amplification, DIFF value continues to go down;1 hour BOLL indicator shows opening magnification.Operational advice, short order can still hold, break 626 surplus stop play.


Spot fundamentals


3.1. Raw materials of steel




Data source: steelworks data




Data source: steelworks data


Billet: the price of tangshan billet dropped to 20 yuan/ton from the factory on 17th, at 3540 yuan/ton. In the morning, the steel billet was delivered directly. Generally, the warehousing spot price is 3620-3630 yuan/ton, including tax.Today's steel day weak shock, spot market wait-and-see sentiment increased, the overall shipment of finished materials is not optimistic.By the end of the afternoon, the steel has a slight upward trend, part of the low-price varieties slightly increased transactions, but the overall and no obvious change, billet continued to fall 20 yuan/ton under pressure.After the decline, the billet market is mainly wait-and-see, and the market's willingness to deliver goods at a low price has not appeared. In the standoff between the buyer and the seller, some businesses expressed that they continue to pay close attention to the future trend of the later period, and they are cautious in the short term.Comprehensive afternoon market, tomorrow billet or stop the trend.


Pig: pig iron market price stability in the rise today, the reason is mainly coke rise, result in ironworks production costs rise, clinch a deal in have a good case, iron works gain a higher price, specific changes as: shanxi yicheng Q12 up 50 yuan/ton to 3200 yuan/ton, Z18 up 40 yuan/ton to 3320 yuan/ton, L10 up 50 yuan/ton to 3050 yuan/ton, cash tax.Clinch a deal respect, nodular iron is better, cast iron slant is weak, ironmaking still can, iron works does not have inventory commonly.The railway market is expected to run smoothly tomorrow.


Scrap steel: today's scrap steel market is stable and weak, steel mills fell more rose less, falling steel mills concentrated in east China, south China and other regions, down 10-40 yuan/ton.Individual steel mills lag behind the price increase, or 30-80 yuan/ton.The Mysteel scrap index was 2,528.3, up 0.02 percent.Today rebar market small correction, scrap steel market mentality unstable, businesses to speed up the pace of shipment, steel scrap to continue to increase, the market fear of falling sentiment intensified, resulting in steel to increase the vicious cycle.At present the finished product material high shock, scrap fell space is not big, the market wait-and-see more, scrap market is expected to be stable tomorrow.


Domestic miners: prices in some of China's main mining areas rose on April 17.The price of hanxing in north China rose by 20 yuan per ton, while the price of lujiang in east China rose by 15 yuan per ton.Specifically, in north China -- tangshan, 66% dry base tax-free cash leaves the factory with 780 yuan/ton, while in western China 66% dry base tax-free cash leaves the factory with 788 yuan/ton, and in qian 'an 66% dry base tax-free cash leaves the factory with 805 yuan.Zunhua 66% dry base tax-inclusive cash ex-factory 760 yuan/ton;


Imported ore: affected by last night's news of the resumption of mine production released by vale, this morning even the main iron ore contract fell like a cliff, iron ore traders in north China reduced the price than yesterday, including tangshan PB powder mainstream price 670 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton from yesterday;Super powder mainstream price 580 yuan/ton, compared with yesterday down 5 yuan/ton;Part of the traders shipping more positive, but by the cost of factors constraints, price willingness is more obvious.Steel mills, wait-and-see sentiment is strong, a few steel mills on demand procurement, inquiry enthusiasm is not high.


3.2. The finished material


【 general steel variety 】




Data source: steelworks data




Data source: steelworks data


Construction steel: the price of domestic construction steel was slightly adjusted on the 17th. The average price of rebar steel in major cities was 4,238 yuan/ton, down 7 yuan/ton from the previous trading day.From a regional perspective, east China as a whole is slightly loose, central China is adjusted, south China and north China rebound, and northwest, southwest and northeast China remain stable.Specific to today's market conditions, period of high conch shock, market trading mood slightly general, morning and intraday market appear different degrees of loose, some markets in the afternoon slightly improved transaction, price adjustment after stabilization.From the current situation, steel mills, market pressure are small, strong mentality, the price adjustment is more rational, short-term no obvious risk, domestic construction steel is expected to remain a narrow range of shock operation.




Data source: steelworks data


Hot rolling: on 17th, the price of hot rolled coil was fluctuated in major cities. As of press time, the national average price of 3.0 hot rolled coil was 4,111 yuan/ton, down 6 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The national average price of 4.75 hot rolled coil was 4,051 yuan/ton, down 6 yuan/ton from the previous trading day.Black commodity futures market concussion today up, but the market wait and see mood is thicker, the businessman offers a price to maintain stable run, part falls slightly, market clinch a deal whole is general.Afternoon with the period of the disk although there is a low, the market mentality has turned weak, mainly downstream downstream procurement enthusiasm is not high, the transaction gradually turned weak.However, due to the limited market inventory resources and the support of costs, merchants have a strong willingness to support prices. In the afternoon, there are still some traders whose quotation rises, but the high pressure increases.In addition, tangshan steel billet price dropped 20 yuan/ton today, and now the price of common carbon billet is 3560 yuan/ton.In general, the hot rolling market is expected to run price shock tomorrow.


Cold rolling: the spot price of cold rolled sheet coils fluctuated and became weaker today. The national average price was 4,484 yuan/ton, down 6 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The prices in Shanghai, lecong and tianjin were 4,350 yuan/ton, 4,410 yuan/ton and 4,340 yuan/ton respectively.According to market feedback, today's cold rolling half volume price overall concussion slightly downward trend, the overall deal weak.From the regional point of view, today fuzhou, wuhan down 30-50 yuan/ton;Shanghai, hangzhou, shenyang, chengdu and other places slightly reduced 10-20 yuan/ton.With today's wide variety of iron ore, thread concussion, the spot market as a whole wait-and-see sentiment gradually thick, together with near the end of the month thread futures prices in high hovering, the possibility of a pullback, traders continue bullish sentiment blocked;From the feedback of cold rolling merchants in some regions, the price at the beginning of the week was slightly pulled up, but the terminal procurement follow-up was not ideal, the transaction was slightly blocked, the market operation is cautious, large families have stable price early release risk may be.It is expected that tomorrow's cold rolling market is still a narrow shock.


Medium and thick plate: on the 17th, the domestic medium and thick plate market price increased slightly, the national average price of 20mm common plate is 4142 yuan/ton, 1 yuan/ton higher than the average price yesterday.Among them, chongqing, chengdu, kunming, xi 'an and other markets rose by 30-90 yuan/ton, Beijing dropped by 30 yuan/ton, and other markets remained stable or slightly weakened by 10 yuan/ton.In the market, due to the weakness of black futures, the overall trading atmosphere was not favorable, and the market prices in some regions recovered slightly.And the overall social inventory is relatively low, part of the specification shortage, shortage of specifications in the plate price continued markup.Tracking from the end of the steel mill to understand, at present the steel mill order is good, the order has been arranged to the next month, the steel price is strong, the short-term market price should be supported.Superposition hebei region continues to issue two third quarter limit policy, the late supply end or will be limited.Overall, the short - term national mid - board price continued high shock operation.


Coating: today's domestic coating plate volume price stability in the strong, clinch a deal in general.Zinc-coated coil zinc-coated coil 1.0mm national average price 4816 yuan/ton, average daily price up 5 yuan/ton, color coated coil 0.476mm national average price 5841 yuan/ton, average daily price down 1 yuan/ton.Steel mills in central China recently pulled up significantly, businesses are more willing to price sales.From the point of steel futures pricing information in May, plating factory price basically is given priority to with rose plate roll, even if some steel mills to breed relatively flat, but steel mills in the actual order discount is reduced, so the cost of business order is still up in the majority, in addition, the raw materials rise in hot-rolled coil also reflects private short process of steel purchasing cost improve, so may private factory prices likely to rise further to follow up, also is expected to domestic plating board volumes to maintain stability in the run strong.


Professional varieties




Data source: steelworks data




Data source: steelworks data


Steel: 17 domestic mainstream steel prices steady, some regions slightly loose.Tangshan section steel overall weak operation, intraday transaction blocked part chase down 10 yuan/ton, the overall transaction is light.Afternoon, market sentiment did not improve, the overall deal is still weak.At present, most independent rolling mills are in normal production, and very few of them are temporarily suspended for maintenance due to peak shift and limited production. As a result, the overall inventory, supply pressure and price support are not strong.East China profile prices as a whole steady, early due to the market as a whole turnover performance is poor coupled with the period of the disk slightly weak, so the merchants offer although steady but the actual turnover of 10-20 yuan/ton loose.At present, the market spot resource pressure is small, businesses to maintain more prices consolidation operation.South China profile market mainstream prices continue to hold steady, but because of the deal is not smooth, low market resources increase, the current market inventory pressure is not large, businesses do not want too low prices.Comprehensive forecast, the domestic steel market price or weak stable operation tomorrow.


Steel pipe: on the 17th, the price of pipe in mainstream cities in China remained stable, and some cities adjusted slightly.Welded pipe, galvanized pipe, today ruifeng steel price narrow strip down 20 yuan/ton, part of the mainstream pipe factory with drop, transaction performance is general.At present, the domestic market traders' inventory operation is cautious, and their views on the future market are also relatively cautious. Although the downstream purchasing end is gradually released, it is still not up to expectations. It is expected that the price of welded pipe and galvanized pipe will be mainly adjusted.Seamless pipe price, today's shandong area pipe blank price fell, and linyi manufacturers poor delivery, inventory digestion is not ideal, all over the seamless pipe demand is still difficult to have obvious release, is expected to be tomorrow seamless pipe price more shock consolidation.


Strip steel: today national strip steel prices appear small loose.Tangshan narrow than yesterday 20 yuan/ton, mainstream manufacturers reported 3850 yuan/ton, the overall market turnover in general;Tangshan 355 than yesterday down 10-30 yuan/ton, the mainstream 3840-3860 yuan/ton ruifeng 3860-3870 yuan/ton, futures than spot low 40-50 yuan/ton, the market transaction is weak.Wuxi market price is slightly down, and the mainstream price is RMB 3,920-3,930 / ton.Because futures market begins to slant weak run, partial businessman state of mind is thwarted, quotation is loosened.However, the current overall fundamentals are reasonable, and the country recently began to document solicitation to promote automobile and household appliances consumption opinions, to boost the market with a short-term price or shock operation.




Data source: steelworks data


Structural steel: today, the price of the special steel market is generally stable, and the price in the southwest is slightly increased by 20-30 yuan/ton.45#4285 yuan/ton, 40Cr4511 yuan/ton, 20CrMnTi4672 yuan/ton, pipe billet 4194 yuan/ton.Recent market demand follow-up is insufficient, the business volume has declined, but steel factory prices are high, business costs are high, traders are temporarily reluctant to low prices.It is expected that the short - term special steel market prices continue to pull up more difficult, mainly concussion.


Industrial wire rod: the price shock of industrial wire rod was strong on 17th, among which the average price of cold heading, wire drawing and hard wire dropped by 1-3 yuan/ton, 5 yuan/ton and 4 yuan/ton, respectively. By the close of the market, the average price of cold heading, wire drawing and hard wire was 4,238 yuan/ton, 4,251-4,276 yuan/ton, 4,099 yuan/ton and 4,238 yuan/ton respectively.Futures by the impact of a slight pullback in the market today, the market was blocked, inquiry phone a few.From the current situation, the market rising sentiment has fallen, short - term industrial wire shock adjustment.